Triniti Centered Love Floral Tea

Blue Morpho Triniti is excited to announce that our newest shamanically charged floral tea blend is now available in our Amazon store!🍃

Triniti “Centered Love” Floral Tea Blend was specifically created to awaken you to your deepest centered love – the boundless love found in your heart.

This unique, floral, loose leaf tea is handcrafted from pure, certified organic rosebuds, lavender and chamomile flowers, and fragrant, naturally grown jasmine pearls – each chosen for their unique synergistic support qualities.

Centered Love is a luxurious, perfectly balanced loose leaf tea blend, created to calm your mind and arouse your senses.

Uplifting and soothing, this unique tea promotes relaxation without sleepiness, soothes an overstimulated mind and inspires a feeling of wellbeing.

All Triniti Teas are made by hand in small batches and Shamanically Blessed by Blue Morpho Triniti Master Shamans to activate the full potential of your daily tea ceremony experience.

You can find out more in our online Store at or head straight to Amazon by clicking here.

We’re sure you’ll love the daily support our new Triniti line will add to your life.

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