Triniti Sage Smudge Spray – Energy Cleansing and Protection with Tiger’s Eye Crystals

Blue Morpho Triniti is excited to announce our new White Sage Energy Cleansing and Protection Smudge Spray!🍃

This superior alternative to burning sage and Palo Santo is made with the highest quality oils and tiger’s eye crystals.🌟
We’ve been testing this spray in and out of ceremonies for the last month and WE LOVE IT!💚
Made in small batches, every bottle is shamanically charged by Maestro Hamilton and Maestro Christian to maximize your cleansing and protection benefits.💎
Triniti Sage Smudge Spray is light and refreshing and immediately lightens the energy in the space around you. 🌈 No stinky smoke or gunky oils that overpower the senses.❌
This discreet smudge spray can be used anywhere, anytime you need to energetically cleanse and protect yourself and your loved ones. 🌤
We love it, and we’re sure you will too!👌🏻😇✨🥰

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