Deep transformation and training

Ayahuasca & Master Plant Dieta


Visit the Heart of the Amazon

Nestled in the lush Amazon forest near Iquitos, Peru, Blue Morpho Lodge is more than just a place to stay; it’s a sanctuary for your soul. You will experience:

  • Comfortable, eco-friendly accommodations
  • A refreshing swimming lake and a modern pool
  • Beautiful trails for forest walks and exploration
  • A tranquil and safe environment to support your healing journey

Master Plant Dieta and 4 Ayahuasca Ceremony Retreat

Deep Medicine & true spirit

This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn the true secrets of Amazonian healing traditions and study directly under the world-renowned healer and mystic, Maestro Hamilton Souther.

Join us for a transformative journey of plant medicine, profound visions, and deep spiritual connection. We offer a one-of-a-kind retreats designed to facilitate real healing, personal growth, spiritual awakening, and teachings on how to develop a personal connection with Source.

Master Plant Dieta and 4 Ayahuasca Ceremony Retreat

JULY 29 - AUGUST 4, 2024​

Master Plant Dieta and Ayahuasca Retreat. Under the guidance of Maestro Hamilton, you will embark on a powerful internal journey that helps to unblock energy, deepen spiritual practice, and accelerate healing. The ceremonies will take you on an ever-deepening journey from the introduction to Ayahuasca and the Master Plants to the miraculous realms of Infinity.

This is the only time you can experience a dieta that will be held and guided by Maestro Hamilton, so whether you are new to dieta or an experienced dietero, this will be an opportunity for you to evolve and deepen your practice.


What is a Dieta?

A Master Plant dieta is a sacred process developed by our ancestors and passed down from Maestro to apprentice for thousands of years. It is a honor to get to participate, where you invite the spirits of plant allies into your consciousness. This is achieved by adhering to a very clean and calorie-restricted diet and drinking a (non-psychoactive) tea made from tree barks.

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As well as being featured in Oprah, the New York Times and National Geographic, Blue Morpho Tours’ most important responses come from our guests. We have hundreds of reviews from satisfied participants.

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