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Blue Morpho Tours’ proprietary Ayahuasca has been perfected over 7 generations and thousands of ceremonies. On our retreats, you get deeper visions and greater transformation with fewer side effects.


The World's #1 Ayahuasca Retreat

Blue Morpho Tours is the World’s #1 Ayahuasca Experience!

Here are a few highlights of what others say about us…

  • “On the last night, I see—in broad, grand colors—the richness of the life that has always been inside of me.” (
  • “As the only full-fledged gringo shaman in the Peruvian Amazon, Souther is a natural interpreter for tourists navigating the mysteries of traditional Indian culture and its sacred plants.” (New York Times Magazine)
  • #1 most commented and read story in National Geographic of all time
  • Over 500 video and written reviews
  • Peruvian government’s #1 recommended retreat for over 10 years
In addition, we have been featured in

Our ceremonies use Ayahuasca that is made onsite, by Blue Morpho Master Practitioners and is like no other. Come see what makes our Ayahuasca experience superior to all!

Blue Morpho Tours

World's Best Ayahuasca Retreat


Blue Morpho Tours, The Best Ayahuasca Journey in the Most Beautiful Surroundings of the Amazon jungle

Ayahuasca is native to the Amazon jungle. It has been brewed and experienced here for thousands of years. There is no better or most appropriate location for your journey.

The Lodge

Nothing is left to chance at the Heliconia Lodge


Locally sourced meals prepared for you by our world renowned chefs


You will always be entertained in these surroundings


Yes, we have modern airports in Peru with your favorite airlines


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To start your journey of consciousness development, personal-optimization and healing, just reach out and schedule your Blue Morpho Retreat.

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What Previous Guests Say About Us

As well as being featured on Oprah, the New York times and National Geographic, Blue Morpho Tours’ most important responses come from our guests. We have hundreds of reviews from satisfied participants.


Blue Morpho Tours Provides Safe and Professional Sacred Plant Retreats

Our home brewed Ayahuasca was developed over 7 generations for a safe Ayahuasca experience with fewer nasty side effects. One of many things that make our proprietary Ayahuasca recipe unique is that we add up to 20 additional medicinal plants to our blend to give you deeper visions and reduce any negative side effects.

Blue Morpho Ayahuasca

Best Ayahuasca, perfected over 7 generations. Made by hand by our master practitioners

Beautiful Destination

World famous Heliconia Amazon River Lodge


Over 10,000 guests have enjoyed our retreats and Ayahuasca

Experienced Across the Globe

Our guests have come from over 100 different countries!

Best Experience

You get what you are seeking Consciousness Development Personal empowerment Healing

White Glove Treatment

Once you contact us to arrange your visit, our concierge will help with arranging your trip.