Traditional Shamanism – The Origin of Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Retreat Ceremonies

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Ayahuasca retreats in Peru are becoming more and more popular. People, from around the world are coming for plant medicine cleanses and “new” healing experience. The origins of the plant medicine practices are ancient, and many lineages have been holding ayahuasca ceremonies for thousands of years. Blue Morpho Tours Ayahuasca Retreats started in a lineage that has existed for more than seven generations.

Traditional Shamanism comes from a collection of tribal societies and ancient spiritual practices from around the world. The commonality between all forms of shamanism is a belief in spirits. To a traditional shaman, spirits are a common part of everyday reality. During their lives, shamans cultivate relationships with specific spirits. As a shaman grows in his or her practice, these relationships grow stronger, as does the diversity of spirits with whom he or she works. Many tribal traditions practice shamanism with the support of Sacred Plant Medicines. These are typically visionary substances that are administered in the context of a ceremony. The style, duration and context of the ceremony is defined by the characteristics of the plant. For instance, an ayahuasca ceremony may last only 4 hours while a San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremony may go as long as 12 hours.

In shamanism there are thousands of individually identified spirits that are organized into groupings or hierarchies. Each grouping or hierarchy is defined by the type and relative power of the spirits that comprise it. Every sacred plant has a head medicine spirit. The shamans build their primary relationships with these spirits, which allows them direct access to the purest and strongest medicine forms within each particular tree or plant. This makes for an efficient and very effective practice.

Medicine practice can be summed up by a few simple intentions. A great way to learn more about a particular shaman or group of shamans is to ask about their intentions and which spirits are used in their plant medicine ceremonies. The shamans at Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Retreats Peru, guide the spirits and ceremonies with the following intentions:

Healing: The process of bringing damaged or wounded parts of you back to wholeness.
Cleansing: The releasing of dark, heavy or unwanted energies out of you and out of your space.
Straightening: The process of realigning the “crossed,” disharmonious or afflictive energies within you.
Transformation: Personal and spiritual growth and evolution.
Learning: Receiving knowledge about yourself, the universe, life, consciousness, shamanism, spirituality and divinity.
Throughout the ceremony, the shamans will call spirits into the space to help you with the above intentions. They can manifest and relate to you in a variety of forms. Sometimes you feel them. Sometimes you see them in the shapes and patterns of the visions. You may have a flash of insight or sudden understanding. You may just start feeling better as an issue you are working on is suddenly resolved. All of these are examples of the way spirits work with you during ceremony.

The shamans will also be playing several different musical instruments. The mainstay of traditional Amazonian shamanic practice is a leaf rattle called a shakapa. This makes a gentle rustling sound that helps to guide, direct and move the energies of the ceremony. You may also hear the shamans playing buffalo drums, medicine bowls and a variety of chimed instruments.

Amazonian Shamanism

Ayahuasca shamanism has been practiced in the western Amazon region for thousands of years. These practices have been passed down through tribal lineages and bloodlines for at least this length of time. The shamans of tribes and villages serve as medical doctors, spiritual healers, as well as being the keeper of knowledge. It is this knowledge that awards them the status, rights, and responsibility of their practice. At Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Retreats Peru, we are very open to sharing our knowledge of the shamanic arts with you. We hope that this will not only enhance your experience with us here in the Amazon, but that you will return home with a deeper knowing that will continue to inform and affect your life in positive ways.

Many traditional shamans and lineages have unique elements of practice that make their lineage distinct from other lineages. This is true of our lineage. These distinctions include what plants the shamans use to heal, how they cook their ayahuasca, how they apply their knowledge, and what belief systems they maintain. Blue Morpho Ayahuasca is a unique blend that has been created and perfected over twenty years of practice, based out of thousands of years of collective ayahuasca ceremonial experiences.

One of the main focuses of traditional medicine practice is healing. Ayahuasca can be used to address all kinds of ailments including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forms of sickness. All these afflictions are manifestations of what we call “crossed energies.” Crossed energies manifest as a result of disharmonious patterns within you and in your life. Ayahuasca medicine is used on our retreats to straighten these crossed energies to bring you back to a state of balance and harmony. The purge and cleansing that occurs during the ceremony is part of the process of straightening these energies.

To call or invoke spirits, a shaman will sing or whistle icaros. Icaros are part of a specialized spiritual language that the shaman learns through strict training and uses to communicate with and guide the spirits. The icaros we sing in Blue Morpho ayahuasca ceremonies are in a mixture of Spanish, Quechua, English, and a spirit dialect. The icaros invoke the spirit energies into the ceremony to guide and direct all the energies of the ceremony, including your own.

Blue Morpho ayahuasca retreats offer the best in comfort and service. You will receive Blue Morpho plant medicines, that have been perfected over twenty years, working with thousands of guests from over 100 countries.

Experience 4 Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Ceremonies on your Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru
Twenty years, serving over 5000 satisfied guests from over 100 countries.

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