The Mystical Secrets of Medicine vs Sorcery: The Untold Story of Ayahuasca – Part 1

Written by Blue Morpho Peru Founder Hamilton Souther –
Based on real life events, The Mystical Secrets of Medicine vs Sorcery – The Untold Story of Ayahuasca Part 1, follows Hamilton Souther on his journey into the depths of the Amazon in search of Mystics and their ancient knowledge.
He befriends Master Mystic Julio Llerena Pinedo and is accepted into a traditional apprenticeship. While apprenticing, he faces the facts behind Ayahuasca and its traditional uses, both as a medicine and a powerful tool of sorcery. The mystical knowledge, shared in this book, will awaken your understanding of Ayahuasca and Amazonian shamanism. You will learn what it takes to follow a traditional apprenticeship and how to survive the treachery of the world’s fiercest sorcery.

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