Medicinal Plant Diets on Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru

Blue Morpho Tours Medicinal Plants Diet

The shamanic dieta is a process of deep purification, transformation and learning within traditional Amazonian plant medicine practices. It can be a stand-alone training method, or it can be included in a ayahuasca retreat. The plant dieta is an opportunity for you to commune directly with the plant medicines in the ancient traditions of the jungle. The tree dieta is a powerful purification, healing and training tool to make meaningful changes throughout all aspects of your life. Plant medicine dietas can be utilized for physical, mental, and emotional healing, as well as for spiritual growth, learning, and profound personal transformation. As part of Blue Morpho Tours unique approach, the practices of Amazonian shamanism are wielded to support you on your journey towards living a life filled with more love, beauty, joy and compassion. Where healing is just the beginning, this is an experience that transforms the entirety of who you are.

The Dieta Process

The formal dieta initiates when you ingest the barks of several medicinal trees in the form of a mild tea. This transfers the energy and essence of the trees into your physical body. In the Peruvian Amazon, it is believed that the spirits of the trees offer their energetic medicine, and through this communion they transform and teach you from within. Once the bond is created, they become part of your consciousness. The result of this process is continued growth, learning, connection and communion for the rest of your life.

The traditional shamanic dieta also consists of a carefully restricted food intake for at least 6 days. You can eat only a few very bland foods, such as green plantains, yucca meal, chicken, eggs, and one type of fish. No salt, sugar, or oil is allowed. This limited food intake purifies your body so that the energies of the plants you are dieting can absorb and integrate within your entire energetic structure. You are offering the plant spirits your time, energy, dedication and focus; in exchange, you receive their medicine, teaching and guidance.

There are certain restrictions that you will have to follow during and after the dieta. For instance, during the traditional dieta, you are not allowed to use chemical soaps, cosmetics, or toothpaste, and you must avoid direct physical contact with others. After the dieta, you are not allowed to have sexual experiences (including masturbation or fantasizing) for 30 days. Dieters should stay in the shade (out of the sun) and spend most of their time relaxing (not hiking or taking part in any physically strenuous activity). You will also remain relatively secluded as much as possible.

The Dieta and Ayahuasca Ceremonies

The tree dietas can provide support, grounding and spiritual direction during ayahuasca ceremonies. The dieta helps purify the body, easing the purgative effects of drinking ayahuasca. It can help the mind be in a calmer state, decreasing mental turbulence that can be experienced in the visionary states. The inclusion of the medicinal trees is a unique and powerful support for personal transformation and healing. The combination of dieta and Blue Morpho Ayahuasca ceremonies requires commitment to both the dieta process and the ayahuasca cleansing.

Restrictions during the dieta at the Blue Morpho Lodge:

No western medications during diet at camp, including contraceptive pills and malaria tablets
No cosmetics, including repellant, perfumed soaps and tooth paste
No strenuous physical activity
No leaving the lodge
No touching anyone, including hand shaking and hugging
No coffee or black teas (herbal teas are allowed)
Only eat and drink what is served during the diet, and only from your plate of food
Restrictions after the shamanic dieta:

No sex for 30 days
No alcohol for 30 days
No pork for 6 months
No drugs for 30 days
Shamanic dieta activities during the workshop:

Identifying and learning about each plant that you are dieting and how their spirits can help guide you.
Talks with ceremonial leaders or shamans to help you understand the dieta experience from their
Guidance to receive relevant insights, healing and knowledge from the spirits during ayahuasca ceremonies.
Learning how to build lasting connections with the tree spirits that you will bring home with you and continue to learn from.
Guided meditative jungle walks to help strengthen your connection to the plant spirits.
The Commitment

Traditionally, the shamanic dieta is only taken on by a shaman (medico vegetalista), shamanic apprentice, or as a part of certain types of healing. We suggest the dieta for people who are very interested in deep transformation through the practice of Amazonian Plant Medicine. This requires full commitment on the part of the dieter. One of the most significant elements of the dieta experience is maintaining the 30 day and 6 month restrictions following your time at Blue Morpho. This part of the journey is fundamental to allowing the plant spirits and their medicine to fully integrate into your body, mind and spirit. Your learning will continue during this time, and far beyond it. This is truly a remarkable, life-changing experience. Please ensure that you are committed to the entire process before agreeing to participate in a plant dieta.

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