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The popularity of ayahuasca is growing. Just twenty years ago, few people knew the word ayahuasca, and now it is common in spiritual, plant medicine, psychonaut and healing communities. Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Retreats became widely known as one of the most professional and safe ayahuasca retreats in the world sharing Amazonian plant medicine, ayahuasca ceremonies and purification dietas. Over the years, Blue Morpho has continued to inspire and educate people from around the world about the responsible uses of ayahuasca and how to prepare for ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies.

Ayahuasca ceremonies present specific challenges inherent to this plant tea. There are a wide variety of ceremonial styles and restrictions that differ from one shamanic lineage, culture, or center to another.

It is important to note that all traditional ayahuasca cultures have consistent restrictions in conjunction with ceremony to ensure your safety. This cannot be emphasized enough. The differences between cultures and restrictions usually equate to the duration of restriction, not the restriction itself. As an example, one culture may ask that you abstain from alcoholic beverages for 1 week after ceremony while another may ask for 1 month, but the restriction is present in both.

Due to the increase of global interest in ayahuasca, over the last decade many cultures and centers have done away with the traditional cultural safeguards in the face of western pressure to minimize restrictions. This is dangerous, but it explains some of the different ideologies now being passed around the ayahuasca industry and western ayahuasca culture. If you are going to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony, follow all the guidelines and dietary restrictions, as they will ensure your safety and the positive outcome you seek.


The Blue Morpho ayahuasca experience is designed to address all aspects of your life at the same time. It is an experience that generates and supports total transformation and life improvement. Ayahuasca is immersed in a longstanding Amazonian tradition of plant-based healing and medicine practice. As part of the Blue Morpho ayahuasca retreat, the plant medicine practices of traditional healers are wielded to support you on your journey towards living a life filled with more love, beauty, joy and compassion. Where healing is just the beginning, this is an experience that transforms the entirety of who you are.

Our intentions with ayahuasca are to 100% support you on your journey. We are here to help guide every step of the way. The following information outlines some basics in order to prepare you for ceremony. This covers everything from the setup of the space, to what you should do if you need help, to working with the ayahuasca and ceremonial tools.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this information as much as you need.

The Logistics:

All ayahuasca ceremonies take place in our ceremonial house.
Arrive between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. to find your spot.
Sometime during the daylight before ceremony, have a walk around the ceremonial house so you are familiar with the layout, including where the bathrooms, showers and sinks are relative to your ceremonial space.
At 6 p.m. there will be a pre-ceremony talk; the ceremony begins at 6:30 p.m.
Your Ceremonial Space:

At Blue Morpho, ayahuasca ceremonies are usually performed sitting up in a comfortable rocking chair, however; we do have mats available if you are not able to sit for long periods of time or you can no longer sit and need to lie down.

Bucket – for vomiting into, spitting into, disposing of your toilet paper.
Tissue paper – for wiping your mouth off, blowing your nose, etc.
Tin cup with a small amount of water in it – used for washing your mouth out but not for drinking during ceremony.
Pillow and blanket – for your comfort; you may request more if desired.
The Beginning of Ceremony:

A ceremonial leader will come into the ceremony house around 5:30 p.m.
The leader will begin the ceremony by whistling an icaro into the ayahuasca bottle
You will be guided through the serving process.
Once everyone drinks, the lights will be turned off and the ceremony will begin.
Once you drink the ayahuasca, it is your job to relax as much as you can and let the ayahuasca do its work.
Everyone reacts to the experience differently, so you want to give yourself and ayahuasca the time and space to become acquainted. It can take between 20-60 minutes for the ayahuasca to take effect, so the best thing to do during this time is relax and ease yourself into the experience.
Conduct During the Ceremony

There are trained helpers in the ceremonial house who do not drink ayahuasca. They are there to change your buckets, help you to the bathroom or shower, or pour water on your head if needed.
If you need a bucket change, call out “bucket” or “bandeja”
If you need help to the bathroom, call out “bathroom” or “baño”
If you need a shower, call out “shower” or “ducha”
If you still feel like you need more help, call out “help” or “ayuda” and one of the shamans will come help you.
Flashlight or headlamp – keep it on the low or red setting, point it down, cover it with your fingers when in use, and only use when necessary.
Please do not leave the ceremonial house until the ceremony is formally concluded.
Please refrain from touching other guests during the ceremony.
Please stay in your individual spot during ceremony, either in your chair or on your mat. You may of course get up to use the bathroom area during ceremony but please, no wandering around the space.
The moment you feel like you have to use the toilet, do so immediately, no matter how many times you have to go.
Please do not throw toilet paper in the toilet. Please discard all toilet paper or hygiene products in the waste bins next to the toilet due to the septic system.
Do not drink anything caffeinated after lunch.
Do not drink water after 6 p.m., and please do not drink water during ceremony (only washing and rinsing your mouth out).
Comfortable, loose fitting, and easy-to-maneuver clothing is best for ceremony.
Your Ayahuasca Experience

Everyone experiences ayahuasca differently. Every ceremony is different. You will never have the same experience from ceremony to ceremony. You are 100% unique and different every time you come to ayahuasca.
Regardless of what you have heard or read, your ayahuasca experience is going to be entirely unique and personal to you.
People experience ayahuasca visions in a variety of ways, not just visually. The visions are only one small part of the ayahuasca experience.
No matter what your experience is, everyone is still receiving a tremendous amount of healing, transformation and medicine.

Ayahuasca is a purgative, which means that it helps you purge or expel unwanted or afflicting energies. This includes emotional, mental and physical energy.
There are many different kinds of purging in ayahuasca, and all are completely normal and part of the process. The most talked about purges are the physical purges like vomiting and diarrhea, but these are just one part of the purging process.
If anything negative comes up, that is the purge working; that is what is coming up and out of you. The experience of these energies is the release. Let them go and relax with the breath.
Types of purging include: energetic, yawning, crying, laughing, bodily sensations, bodily movements/shaking, intense emotions, mental turbulence, sweating, getting really hot or cold.
When we purge, we are purging to love.
Do your best to focus on releasing to love, rather than focusing on the negative elements of your experience.
During this experience, the more you relax and focus on the icaros and your heart, the easier it is to release.
Blue Morpho holds a space where fight, triumph, and struggle are no longer necessary; you can easily and effortlessly release anything back to love.
If you experience a problem and need help or just need someone to talk to, please come to one of the shamans – we are available 24/7.
Tools to Use While in Ceremony

Relax – let the ayahuasca and the experience do what it needs to do. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is.
Breathing – long, slow, deep breaths.
Focus on the icaros – simply bring your mind to the shaman’s icaro, like you would a song, and follow its energies.
Water – water is an amazing healing spirit/energy. If you feel like the effects of ayahuasca are getting too intense, call out “agua” or “water” and our helpers will slowly pour water over your head. We also highly recommend taking a shower to calm the experience.
Movement – it can be helpful to move your body with the rhythm of the shakapas and icaros – tap your finger on your thigh, bob your head, etc.; this can be helpful for keeping the energies flowing freely.
We are always here to serve and help guide you during your stay with us– do not hesitate to come to us for help.
End of Ceremony

Ceremony goes from 6:30pm until 10pm when the lights are turned on.
The shamans will stay for a period of time after ceremony to help settle the space and bring it to a calm end.
After the ceremony is formally concluded, you are welcome to go back to your room, have a swim, sit outside the ceremony house and look at the stars, or stay in the ceremony house and rest.
You are welcome to sleep in the ceremony house– many people do – it is a nice space to sleep in after a ceremony.
If you are still strongly feeling the effects of ayahuasca, stay in the ceremonial house until you are feeling stable and grounded.
We ask that all new guests check in with one of the shamans before going to bed.
It is okay to drink water and non-caffeinated tea when the ceremony is over. There is a tea and water outside of the ceremony house.
Blue Morpho ayahuasca retreats offer the best in comfort and service. You will receive Blue Morpho plant medicines, that have been perfected over twenty years, working with thousands of guests from over 100 countries.

Experience 4 Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Ceremonies on your Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru
Twenty years, serving over 5000 satisfied guests from over 100 countries.

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