• Heliconia Private – $2,890.00
  • Heliconia Shared – $2,690.00

Date & Time Details: The tour begins on 10/23/2023 and ends on 10/28/2023.

The meeting time and location will be provided to each participant prior to retreat commencement.

Location: Iquitos Peru

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Oct 23 6 Day 4 Ceremonies with Blue Morpho Founder Hamilton Souther

With Hamilton Souther

October 23 - 28, 2023

A shamanic Retreat at Blue Morpho is designed to help participants achieve personal and spiritual transformation through Amazonian shamanism, mystical exploration, and personal experience. Our retreats incorporate the traditional use of the sacred visionary plant medicine ayahuasca in conjunction with universal spirituality and modern disciplines of shamanism. We focus on bridging the gap between Western cultures and these ancient practices to offer an experience that truly impacts the entirety of your life.


Hamilton Souther
Master Shaman and Founder of Blue Morpho. Hamilton is a visionary leader, speaker, renowned master shaman, and a valued teacher and advisor to thousands of people worldwide. He has dedicated his life to visionary plant medicines, becoming a leader and international advocate in the field. Hamilton was given the title of Master Shaman by Julio Llerena Pinedo after completing a traditional apprenticeship. He guides ceremonies and leads shamanic workshops, in which he shares his proprietary consciousness shifting/healing methods.
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