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Blue Morpho Peru currently is not able to offer in-person retreats due to COVID-19 and Peru’s National State of Emergency.

Future retreat dates will be announced at a later date.


Retreats are all-inclusive at Blue Morpho’s private jungle lodge

A safe space for you to explore visionary plant medicine & expand your mind

Have personal authentic life-changing experiences at a longstanding reputable center

We maintain an intimate capacity of guests and hold your privacy & comfort in high regards

We Offer Four Different Types Of Sacred Plant Retreats That Are Open To The Public

Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Ayahuasca with Dieta and Sanango. See dates and prices below

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Seven days with five ceremonies

Transcendental and transformational

Led by Maestro Don Alberto Torres Davila

Helps facilitate profound life-changing experiences

All inclusive. At the Blue Morpho Lodge. Delicious fresh local cuisine (Ayahuasca safe)

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At the Blue Morpho Jungle Lodge

Surrounded by world-class floral gardens.

In a professional, safe and nourishing environment.

Experience one of the oldest shamanic medicine traditions

Four ceremonies accompanied by supporting activities and delicious fresh local cuisine (San Pedro safe meals).

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Dietas offer a tremendous growth and learning potential

Includes five ayahausca ceremonies while following the tenets of a medicinal plant dieta

The dieting process can be rigorous but it is an amazing tool for anyone who is serious about learning to work with sacred plants

We recommend that guests first attend an ayahuasca retreat with us before committing to a dieta

Ayahuasca dietas are led by Maestro Alberto Torres Davila at the Blue Morpho Jungle Lodge

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Intense, powerful and deeply cleansing.

Often a very physical experience

Sanango dieta is done traditionally

Two ayahuasca ceremonies after the dieta is lifted

Sanango takes participants face-to-face with core, fundamental issues

Sanango dietas are led by Maestro Alberto Torres Davila at the Blue Morpho Jungle Lodge

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Medical Screening

Safety is our number one priority for you. In some cases, ingesting sacred plants is not appropriate for individuals who have certain mental or physical health conditions, or who take medications that may be dangerous to consume with ayahuasca. For these reasons we meticulously screen you for medical history, medications & supplements. We need to know your overall health and well-being make you a suitable participant in our programs. Therefore we also reserve the right to refuse admission or to refrain from administering sacred plant medicines if we deem it unsafe for you. Please be attentive to the medical sections in our forms when you book your retreat.

Cancellation Policy

For all retreats, your payments are refundable if you give Blue Morpho admin at least 90 days’ notice in writing that you will not attend the retreat you signed up for. However, there is an administrative cost to cover bank transaction fees of $250 USD. Alternatively, if you cannot attend your retreat and have given us the 90 days’ notice, you may transfer your payment to a different retreat within the following 12 months at no charge (for the first transfer; any additional transfers can be made with an admin fee of $100). If you elect to transfer your payment, this cannot later be refunded. For this reason we strongly recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover any financial losses should you have to cancel your visit within 90 days for any reason.

Dietary and Behavioral Restrictions

The ingestion of ayahuasca and other sacred plants requires you to follow certain dietary and behavioral restrictions. These restrictions are necessary to optimize your safety, health, and the efficacy of the process. You will be notified of these restrictions in detail on the first day of the retreat, to which your agreement is required to participate. These restrictions include but are not limited to: limited intake of sugar or anything that tastes sweet; consumption of alcohol and street drugs is strictly forbidden during the retreat and for 7 days after your last intake of ayahuasca (this includes other sacred plants not part of the retreat program); consumption of pork or pork products is not allowed during the entire retreat and for 30 days after your last intake of ayahuasca; sexual activity of any kind is not permitted whatsoever between guests and/or staff during a retreat and for at least 3 days after (this includes couples).
The nature of the environment demands your adherence to these dietary and behavioral restrictions, which are based on traditional plant spirit medicine. They support your proper and safe functioning of ayahuasca and the entire retreat process. Non-adherence to these restrictions can result in potentially serious consequences for you that include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual affliction. We strive to maintain the safest environment possible for everyone to not only experience ayahuasca, but to get the most out of your experience. Following these restrictions is paramount to making this happen. It is not important for you to understand this completely, but it is mandatory that you observe the rules.
Please note that the dietary restrictions for shamanic plant dietas and Sanango dietas are specific to each program. You can visit the corresponding pages for the dietary specifications required for these retreats. If you would like clarification on any of the information provided here, please email us directly at [email protected].

Designed to give you holistic personal and life transformation, you will find Blue Morpho’s ayahuasca retreats are dynamic, effective and integrative. The foundation of your experience starts with ayahuasca and plant medicine, is built through your experiential community-bonding and our skilled facilitation, and rests upon 7 core principles that we strive to uphold in everything we do: Medicine, Safety, Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Community, and Heart.
We help you to make your experience relatable and meaningful, so you experience practical understanding and long-lasting results. It may help you to know that we have a very high-percentage of return guests, which is a testament to the transformational power of ayahuasca in conjunction with Blue Morpho’s process. Since 2002, it has been and continues to be our mission to share with you the life-changing experiences that ayahuasca shamanism helps you to achieve in a safe, professional and supportive environment.