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Blue Morpho is one of the longest standing and most renowned sacred plant centers of the world 

We offer initiatory Rites of Passage experiences in a safe, professional and supportive environment with the highest level of quality and expertise in plant medicine. We specialize in personal transformations through expansion of consciousness and creativity




Alberto is considered one of the most powerful healers in the Ucayali River region. As Master Shaman, he has led over 5000 sacred plant ceremonies in 45 years of experience. He specializes in Ayahuasca Medicine, Sanango Medicine, and he is an Amazonian Tree Specialist. When not working at the Blue Morpho Lodge, he continues his practice as a curandero in his local town.



Julio passed away at the age of 89 after having been in a 35-year medicine pact with Alberto. His medicine, experience and guidance lives on through Alberto. Don Julio became a regional legend because he apprenticed directly under the tutelage of the Doctor Spirits of the jungle during isolated diets in the highlands outside of Pucallpa. These spirits are known as Genios of the medicinal plants. He healed thousands of patients in the Peruvian Amazon.

You can not find a more experienced staff and retreat program than Blue Morpho. They all create a wonderful experience that provides growth in an individual… read more – H. M.



Son of Maestro Alberto. Shaman of Ayahuasca, Paleros and Sanango. Participated in over 1,000 Ayahuasca ceremonies, and completed many rigorous plant dietas.



An international leader for Amazonian Sustainability and Conservation. Focuses on creating business oriented solutions for global problems we face today.



A U.S. Navy Veteran. Earned the title of Master Shaman from Maestros Alberto and Hamilton in December 2014. COO of the Blue Morpho brand companies for the last eight years.


Lodge Manager

Blue Morpho has been part of Gustavo’s life ever since its formation in 2002. He finds great honor in operating a professional and safe lodge. It’s a passion of his.

Everything was planned out nicely and executed with an attention to detail and a loving touch read more – E. S.


Office Manager

With vast experience in the tourism industry, Carolina ensures that all legal, labor and administrative aspects of Blue Morpho function correctly

Rest assure you are safe… A trip to Blue Morpho is truly an opportunity of a lifetime where the sky’s the limit! read more – K. L.


The Blue Morpho Lodge Staff

Our team of dedicated staff make sure you have clean environment and fresh food of the highest quality. Their priority is your comfort and safety. During ceremonies the staff is there to help you. They also handle laundry and keeping a clean environment. Most of our staff come from nearby communities and have been working with Blue Morpho for years, so they are experienced and dedicated.

I never imagined that my experience with Blue Morpho would yield the following remarkable results: being completely cured of migraines and depression. I highly recommend Blue Morpho to anyone who is willing and brave enough to seek solutions beyond the five-sensory paradigm of Western medicine read more – K. S.